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RAC Motor Insurance


RAC Direct: Motor Insurance with RAC, UK - Enjoy Big Savings with RAC Motor Insurance

RAC Direct: Motor Insurance with RAC, UK - Enjoy Big Savings with RAC Motor Insurance

RAC Motor Insurance Official Website:   http://www.Rac.co.uk/car/

RAC Motor Insurance is award-winning Motor Insurance from a name you can trust, with a decades-long pedigree that few companies can even come close to.

The RAC is committed to finding customers the best-possible deal on their Motor Insurance, and searches a panel of approved vehicle insurers to give customers the best price it can. It's no surprise, then, that (as of August 2013) over half of RAC Car Insurance customers paid less than £176 for their Motor Insurance.

With such great insurance products, it's also no wonder that RAC were named "Best Online Motor Insurance Provider" at the 2013 Your Money awards for the second consecutive year.

Even on its own RAC Car Insurance compares very favourably to Motor Insurance from other companies, but with RAC Car Insurance Plus customers can enjoy many more benefits that many other insurance policies won't even offer. For example, RAC Car Insurance Plus also includes:

* Transport home after an accident (anywhere in Great Britain!)
* Generous personal accident cover for you and your partner
* Up to £100 per seat towards replacement child car seats even if damage is not visible
* Get a refund of your excess fee and keep your no claims discount if you are hit by an uninsured driver
* Personal property cover up to £250
* Comprehensive cover when driving abroad for up to 60 days (within the EU only)
* Medical expenses following an accident (see policy for full details)
* Very generous sound-equipment cover

As an RAC member, you can also enjoy saving money on everything from dining-out and day-trips to satellite navigation systems and CDs and more.

Once you have RAC Car Insurance on your side then there's no looking back; your car insurance will likely cost less, and the service you receive will be even better. Plus, in the event of an accident, and you need to make a claim, you can be comforted to know that RAC telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you've not yet decided to choose RAC Car Insurance yet, then head over to RAC website for a free online quote; it's not a commitment to anything, and if you choose to keep your insurance elsewhere then it's not a problem.

However, one of the benefits of getting a free RAC Car Insurance quote is that you can store it online at the RAC website, and then get other quotes with which you can compare it. More often than not we think you'll end up saving money, and choosing RAC Car Insurance.

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