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M&S Money Direct, UK: Visit M&S Money Direct for Big Savings on UK Motor Insurance, Home Insurance and more

M&S Money Direct, UK: Visit M&S Money Direct for Big Savings on UK Motor Insurance, Home Insurance and more

M&S Money Direct Official Website:   http://money.marksandspencer.com

M&S Money Direct offers a variety of financial and insurance products, but Motor Insurance is something that almost everyone needs - at least if you own a car. Unfortunately there are so many companies offering Motor Insurance today that, after a while, one policy may begin to look much like the next.

Thinking that most Motor Insurance policies are much the same is usually a bad idea. At worst it can be a very expensive mistake - this is when you find out that your Motor Insurance policy doesn't actually cover you for what you thought it did, or it takes your Motor Insurance company months and months to argue over whether to pay you or not. Fortunately M&S Money Direct Motor Insurance is not like that at all, and when you compare M&S Motor Insurance to the competition then it stacks up quite nicely.

For example, here are just some of the options which come as standard with Marks and Spencer 5 Star Premier cover Motor Insurance (correct at May 2009), which are quite often not included with comparable Motor Insurance plans from companies such as Direct Line, Sainsbury's, or Tescos Direct:
  • Personal UK and European Breakdown Cover automatically included
  • Comprehensive cover for trips abroad in the European Union - up to 90 days per trip
  • Courtesy car during approved repairs automatically included
  • Cover for Motor Legal Protection automatically included
So, it is clear that, besides being good value, M&S Motor Insurance also provides much more extensive cover than some of the top competitors. Additionally, you don't even need to be behind the wheel to benefit from M&S Money Direct UK and European Breakdown Cover, since it covers you as a passenger too.

Not so long ago, only banks and traditional insurance companies offered financial or insurance products, yet today it may often seem as if even the local corner shop is offering financial products. That's not quite true, of course, but many more companies do offer financial products than used to be the case, and it can sometimes be difficult to decide who is offering the best deal.

And, while MarksandSpencer once offered mostly fashion products, with the only hint of a credit card being when you paid for your shopping at the checkout, today you'll find as good a deal on M&S credit cards as you will with the latest range of M&S fashion.

In fact, these days Marks & Spencer, through its M&S Money Direct website, offer a range of financial products which would not look out of place in many banks, including M&S Motor Insurance, M&S Home Insurance, M&S Travel Insurance, M&S Pet Insurance, savings products, M&S Credit Cards, M&S Loans, and much more besides.

Besides Marks & Spensers Motor Insurance, M&S Money Direct Credit Cards and other financial products, M&S Money Direct Home Insurance deserves particular mention, with it being particularly good value for money, and providing extra insurance cover that many UK insurance companies either don't provide at all, or would charge extra for.

With M&S Money Direct Premier Contents policy, for example, student's belongings are not only covered at home, but also at college or university. Additionally, dependent relatives are also covered if their belongings happen to be in a nursing home. Even better still, your Mark & Spensers purchases are also protected while you take them home.

Also, on both M&S Money Direct Premier Home Insurance and Standard Home Insurance policies, you can choose to include Contents Away From Home. This option would then provide valuable cover all of your personal belongings on a worldwide basis.

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