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M&S Money Direct, UK: Visit M&S Money Direct for Great Deals on House Insurance, Credit Cards and more

M&S Money Direct, UK: Visit M&S Money Direct for Great Deals on House Insurance, Credit Cards and more

M&S Money Direct Official Website:   http://money.marksandspencer.com

There are lots of ways to save money using M&S Money Direct. Not least of these is Marks & Spensers Standard Motor Insurance. With M&S Money Direct you can keep the cost of your Motor Insurance down by choosing Standard cover, over Premier Cover. UK Vehicle can then be added to your policy as optional extras, if you wanted to.

If you're thinking of adding both Breakdown Cover and Motor Legal Protection, then it would cost less to upgrade to Premier Motor Insurance cover from M&S Money Direct, which also has other features.

Nonetheless, many features are standard to both the Premier and the Standard Motor Insurance policies on offer from Marks & Spencer, and these include: Courtesy car (subject to availability); Loss, theft, damage and destruction of vehicle; Loss or damage to personal property in vehicle; Personal accident cover up to £10,000; Windscreen cover (£75 excess); a 24 hour claims service, and many other options as standard on each policy. In short, with Motor Insurance from M&S Finance, you get more, and you pay less.

M&S Money Direct Insurance: There are, quite literally, hundreds of companies in the UK from whom you can purchase insurance. Whether you're looking for the best deal on Motor Insurance, buildings and contents insurance, or even wedding insurance, it doesn't take long to find a company that will sell you a policy.

However, not all insurance companies, and certainly not all insurance policies, are the same. What may be standard on one insurance policy may be an optional extra on another, for instance; Motor Insurance and House Insurance are especially like this.

For example, most home and contents insurance policies either ask you to provide the total cost of rebuilding your home plus the total value of your home contents, or they will set an upper limit. This may seem fine at the time, but, in the event of a claim on your House Insurance policy, the values act as maximum limits, and so you may, in effect, be under-insured and not receive the full value of your insurance claim.

Fortunately, M&S Money Direct Insurance does not have these insurance limits, excepting liability and cash cover, and therefore you can not be under-insured.

When you're shopping at Marks & Spencers online store for your summer outfit, or looking for furniture to give your home a makeover, then spend a moment to also consider products from M&S Money Direct. Offering everything from savings accounts and credit cards, to House Insurance and Motor Insurance, there's a lot more going on at Marks and Spencer than you might imagine.

In particular, if you're thinking of travelling soon, then consider Travel Insurance from M&S Money Direct. With images of volcano ash still fresh in many traveller's minds, it's good to remember there were many travellers who ended up wishing they had spent just a few pounds extra to obtain travel insurance for their trip. Of course, unfortunately, after the event is too late!

In fact, had you purchased travel insurance from M&S Money Direct, you would have been in good hands; within just a short time of the volcanic ash disruptions, visitors to the M&S Money Direct website would have seen a message stating that although claims relating to volcanic eruptions are not normally covered by travel insurance, that on this particular occasion, they would "allow claims from UK customers affected by the volcanic ash that has recently grounded flights."

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