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John Lewis Homeowners Insurance: Basic Homeowners Insurance from John Lewis Home Insurance UK ~ Free Home Insurance Quote

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John Lewis Home Insurance is primarily designed for families permanently living at their property, but, John Lewis home insurance may often be able to cater for lodgers or a property with tenants too, or if your home is used as part of your business, for example.

Additionally, With John Lewis Home Insurance, standard accidental damage cover for buildings provides useful accidental damage cover for issues with: cables; underground services; and accidental breakage of: fixed ceramic hobs, glass in windows, bathroom suites and drains and pipes. Further to this, with full accidental damage cover for buildings, you'll enjoy cover for everything covered by the standard accidental damage cover, plus damage caused by accidents such as drilling through a pipe, or inadvertently putting your feet through a ceiling while perfoming a job in the attic.
Consistently rated highly by customers, and with John Lewis having a long-standing tradition of offering excellent quality and value-for-money, you can be sure that both the insurance products from John Lewis, and the customer service, is second to none.

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John Lewis Home Insurance offers a range of different insurance policy types to suit your specific budget and/or property type. Details of all these home insurance policies may be found on the John Lewis Insurance website, but suffice it to say that, like any insurance cover, they offer different levels of cover according to your needs. The John Lewis Home Insurance products include:
  • Johm Lewis Home Insurance - Home Contents Essential
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Contents Plus
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Contents Premier
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Buildings Essential
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Buildings Plus
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Buildings Premier
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Combined Essential
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Combined Plus
  • John Lewis Home Insurance - Home Combined Premier
You'll also find other types of insurance at the John Lewis site as well, including John Lewis Motor Insurance; Wedding Insurance; Travel Insurance, and more.

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