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Aviva Travel Insurance


Aviva Travel Insurance - Make Big Savings on Travel Insurance

Aviva Travel Insurance - Make Big Savings on Travel Insurance

Aviva Travel Insurance Official Website:   http://www.Aviva.co.uk/travel-insurance

Aviva Travel Insurance offers a lot more than many similar types of Travel Insurance, including but not limited to:

* Emergency medical expenses
* Lost or stolen passports
* Lost or stolen money - including up to £300 for cash and bank notes, and up to £500 in total
* Legal expenses - up to £50,000
* Cover for any charges incurred if you need to cancel or abandon your trip; up to £5,000 per person
* Kennel or cattery fees you may have paid or need to pay if your trip is cancelled or abandoned
* Vehicle breakdown cover in the UK when travelling to your UK departure point

(Note that the amounts given above were correct when researched; for the latest figures, which may be different, you should consult the Aviva Travel Insurance website).

Remember, if you buy your Aviva Travel Insurance direct from Aviva Travel Insurance online you can also enjoy up to 20% discount.

With Aviva Travel Insurance customers can enjoy a range of useful benefits that are often not included with other standard Travel Insurance policies, and the cost of Aviva Travel Insurance is also very competitive.

Buying Annual Travel Insurance online from Aviva is a simple and speedy process; plus, customers are able to declare any medical condition without calling Aviva and get an instant online decision regarding whether a particular medical condition is covered.

Aviva Travel Insurance customers will also receive their travel insurance documents via secure e-mail so they can be viewed wherever one happens to be in the world, and means that even if your luggage gets lost, your Travel Insurance documents won't!

With Aviva Travel Insurance you can choose between Single Trip Travel Insurance for one-off holidays or Annual Travel Insurance if you travel more frequently.

Aviva Travel Insurance provides a comprehensive range of standard cover for travellers and you can also add in optional-extras such as Winter Sports Travel Insurance.

Subject to a low minimum premium, Aviva Travel Insurance customers can also save up to 20% when you purchasing Aviva Travel Insurance online.

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